Seth Lakeman: „Record stores are vital to the communication of music“

Seth Lakeman (Foto: India Records)
Seth Lakeman (Foto: India Records)

How important is the specialized trade for you in times of the Internet and MP3, as a musician as well as a customer and music fan?

I think it’s very important to have good communication with record stores. They still hold such an important role for listeners and I have always enjoyed buying recommendations from shop owners.

What meaning do record stores have for the music culture in the general and for your music in particular?

Record stores are vital to the communication of music. Even though the Internet has made music more accessible. Its still important to appreciate albums in different ways. I think shops help connect a listener to the Artist/Band.

When and where did you buy your first records or CDs and what memories do you connect with record stores?

I bought my first record on Vinyl in a little independent store in my home city of Plymouth. It was a copy of Dire Straites/Brothers in Arms. From then on I went out every weekend on the bus to town and would come back with a bunch of new Albums. I’d play them with friends on a Saturday and Sunday to pass the time. I used to discover so much new music from browsing and taking advice from the guys working there.

What are your current CD tips and which musicians and albums should not be missing from any CD shelve?

I’ve always been a fan of owning music in the physical form. I still have stacks of Vinyl and CDs stashed away at home. I really enjoy reading the booklet of a record and learning who has been involved in the process. My favourites at the moment would be Peter Gabriel/So, Led Zepplin/4 and Paul Simon/Graceland.